Convict Criminology

Justice . Equality . Trust

The Purpose of Convict Criminology

The number one goal of the new school convict criminology is to rewrite the past on corrections crisis and prisons. Many ex-convict academics or scholars of criminology find most of the literature published on convict criminology to be worrisome and offensive, as they’re falsified and don’t represent the painful realities of prisoners and their loved ones. More so, lectures on this topic in the tertiary institutions fail to reflect the sufferings of incarcerated individuals and their prison conditions.

The second goal of these authors is to, through their double positions as prisoners and professors, change the common opinion of the public about convicts. Ex-convicts and future-convicts are significant contributors or supporters to this movement because they’re more likely to become more understanding of the plight of prisoners who are in dire need of access to education and training. Moreover, these advocates depict the potentials of the population currently confined in the country’s penitentiary.

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