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The Philosophy of Social Control

Nov 9, 2021 | 0 comments

Social control is a complex and dynamic process that involves the governing of society by shaping social norms. It can be thought of as a set of strategies, rules, tools, and techniques used to influence human behavior in order to bring about desirable change. Social control has been used throughout history for many different reasons such as maintaining power structures and protecting individuals from the dangers found within society. The philosophy behind this practice dates back thousands of years with some early examples including building walls around cities or forcing people into confinement so they do not harm others.

International Convict Criminology

British Society of Criminology annual conference in Newcastle a small group of academics discussed the viability of establishing a Convict Criminology group, modelled loosely on a similar organisation established in the USA. These discussions arose from personal...

Meaning of the New School of Convict Criminology

When criminology research is bankrolled by the government and conducted by researchers or scholars who have had little or no physical interaction with the penal system, research findings are bound to be manipulated or bias. This reality is so because armchair...

The Purpose of Convict Criminology

The number one goal of the new school convict criminology is to rewrite the past on corrections crisis and prisons. Many ex-convict academics or scholars of criminology find most of the literature published on convict criminology to be worrisome and offensive, as...

Issue-Based Nature of Convict Criminology

Convict criminology centers itself on the specific problems or concerns associated with crimes, criminals, and corrections rather than the ideals inferred by criminal justice and criminology. After all, these subjects only study crimes, their causes, phases of the...

Surfing the Web Safely: Battling Internet Crime

As technology advances, so too do the dangers that come with it

Pros and Cons of Hiring Private Investigators for Your Case

When it comes to investigating a potential crime, the decision of whether or not to hire a private investigator can be a difficult one. On one hand, you may feel that you can handle the investigation on your own. On the other hand, hiring a professional investigator...

The Benefits Of Talking To Other Convicts And Ex-Convicts About Criminology

When it comes to studying criminology, people often forget one key group of experts-convicts and ex-convicts. By talking to these individuals about their experiences, you can gain a much deeper understanding of the criminal mind and the criminal justice system as a...

How to Become a Better Criminal Investigator

The first step to becoming a successful criminal investigator is to develop the right mindset. In order to be truly successful, you must be dedicated, persistent, and willing to put in long hours researching new leads and questioning witnesses. You should also have an...

Justice System For All

It can be hard for convicts and ex-convicts to find support in the world, but it is possible. For example, there are many organizations that aim to provide a sense of community and encouragement. Explore how these organizations can help you feel less alone as you...

Major Research Areas for Criminal Investigators

While justice is at the US democratic system's heart, the present criminal justice system faces increasingly complex issues ranging from terrorism, human trafficking to drug crimes. Professionals with careers revolving around criminal justice, such as criminal...

Suitable Ways Criminal Researcher Can Relax Their Mind

If there is a job that can take a toll on you is a criminal investigation. Criminals are not people wearing tattered clothes on the streets. They are ex-military men or security personnel or software engineers who understand all the tricks and secrets the security...


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