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When criminology research is bankrolled by the government and conducted by researchers or scholars who have had little or no physical interaction with the penal system, research findings are bound to be manipulated or bias.

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Our website welcomes students, scholars, professors, and researchers

Nature of Convict Criminology

Convict Criminology is a website that provides positive support for both convicts and ex-convicts who have an interest in criminology so that they become a force to reckon with in the field of criminal justice and criminology.

Our website welcomes students, scholars, professors, and researchers with or without criminal records who support ex-convicts carry out research that affects criminals and advocate for policy reform for former prisoners.

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International Convict Criminology

International Convict Criminology

British Society of Criminology annual conference in Newcastle a small group of academics discussed the viability of establishing a Convict Criminology group, modelled loosely on a similar organisation established in the USA. These discussions arose from personal...

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