Convict Criminology

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Issue-Based Nature of Convict Criminology

Convict criminology centers itself on the specific problems or concerns associated with crimes, criminals, and corrections rather than the ideals inferred by criminal justice and criminology. After all, these subjects only study crimes, their causes, phases of the criminal justice policy, and possibly, correctional control. Even worse is the fact that uninformed theorists and technicians with inadequate empirical knowledge about crime, convicts, and corrections conduct them.

In reality, many criminologists in various institutions don’t identify with, nor reflect the realities of the accused and prisoners whom they study or research. Therefore, they misrepresent their sufferings and pain. To bridge this gap, the new school convict criminology advocates that ex-convicts, professionals, or scholars who have holistic experience and understanding in this field carry out the research.

Other responsibilities…

of this issue-based ideology include comprehending prisoners’ ordeal, providing a means of survival in the convict realm, and many others. The new school of convict criminology helps to understand the shortcomings of publications on criminology, criminal justice, and correction. And as it develops, it will proceed to integrate new supporters or contributors disputing old concepts while presenting helpful new theories.

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